Genetics´ Added Value B.V. - Strategic consulting and management in animal production.
Innovation and research are the key elements for further sustainable development of animal and plant production. New technologies provide new opportunities but climate change, carbon foot print, animal welfare and product safety need to be taken into account as challenges at the same time. Genetics´Added Value BV is specialised in interim management and consultancy in this field.
Succesfull innovation requires more than just research and research is more than a laboratory and scientific papers. Strategy and vision in combination with an adequate staffing, collaboration and tactical planning are the key drivers for succesfull innovation. The consultants of Genetics´Added Value BV have a proven track record in this field of expertise.
Along the latest knowledge of breeding, genetics, genomics and statistics, Genetics´Added Value will take genetics as an important ingredient on board for sustainable animal and plant production in combination with efficient and cost effective production and high quality end products.
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